Boating World SeaDek Review

Stick ‘Em Up … Or Down
There are two products from SeaDek Marine Products ( that deliver a great bang-for-the-buck for less than $106 each (OK, we went over the budget by $6, so skip that next Quarter Pounder meal, and we’ll call it even). The first item is its non-skid flooring kit ($105.81), which gives you five 18-inch-by-38-inch sections that you cut to fit and install using peel-and-stick technology to affix them to the deck, swim platform or on top of your gunwales. The non-skid flooring sections even come in eight colors, ranging from sea foam green to camouflage. As a bonus, they’re slightly padded to reduce leg fatigue, they look great, reduce noise on fishing boats, and keep you and your guests from slipping.

Another noteworthy product is a pair of cushy 37-inch combing bolsters ($69), which attach to the side of your gunwales using the same stick-um method as the non-skid flooring. You’ll be glad to have them the next time you’re leaning against your gunwale in choppy water as you muscle a fish off the bottom.

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