Captain Artie Price’s Shoalwater

We’ve been supporting Captain Artie Price ( and his team for many years now. For over a decade Capt. Artie Price has competed successfully at the highest levels of professional tournament fishing, including the FLW Tour, BassMasters, ESPN Oh Boy Oberto! Redfish Cup, IFA Redfish Tour and the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series. We’ve just finished SeaDeking his new Shoalwater which he’ll be using on the Redfish Circuit and for his charter business.

This boat turned out great. It features bow to stern SeaDek coverage with hatch covers, custom sponsor logos, helmstation pad up in the tower and on the forward section we created extra thick pads to level the deck a bit to prevent tripping on the raised lids.

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One Response to Captain Artie Price’s Shoalwater

  1. C.O. Jones says:

    Artie Price is pure scum. That video of him feeding a tarpon to the sharks was pure sadistic nonsense. I’m sure he was one of those morons snagging tarpon in the pass with “jigs,” now he is upset that Florida won’t let him continue his combat fishing snag rodeo. If seadek keeps this guy on their pro staff, good luck getting any business from real anglers. I’ve already forwarded the video to all of my angling friends. Do the right thing Seadek

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