Custom Master Craft Swim Platform Pad

And I thought that SF pad last week was unusual. Here is a very unique MC pad on it’s way out of the factory today. White over army camo.

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2 Responses to Custom Master Craft Swim Platform Pad

  1. Jaime Marso says:

    This was my swim pad that Scott did for me at Contemporary Fiberglass back in 2010. It has held up beautifully for 6 years, so easy to clean and so many comments on how unique it is. Unfortunately, it’s time now for me replace the carpet in my MasterCraft and I’m opting to go with SeaDek which means I’ll be replacing the unique design created for me by Scott with something new. He promises me a new and equally unique design. I’m sold on SeaDek, it really lasts, it seriously looks like new after 6 years!

  2. Scott Kurtz says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post Jaime! We are looking forward to giving RockDoc a facelift! I always have fun when we get a chance to work together…..cheers!

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