Installing SeaDek on a Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 2014

In this video we demonstrate how to install a SeaDek non-skid kit on a Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel.

Durable and shock absorbent, SeaDek kayak pads provide not only an exceptional traction surface but also lessens the fatigue brought on by prolonged standing on bare kayak surfaces. An added benefit is SeaDek’s noise reducing qualities. Add in the customizable color and graphic options and you have the perfect addition to your new or used watercraft.

SeaDek is manufactured in the United States from imported nonabsorbent, closed cell EVA material specifically formulated for marine applications. SeaDek’s marine grade 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive backing makes application a breeze. Just peel and stick. It’s that easy!

If you don’t see your make or model on our webstore don’t worry, we can help you make a template of your kayak deck and design a new traction kit to your specifications. Just order a template kit from our store:

For more about SeaDek:
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