Faux Teak Swim Platform Pad

Check out the Faux Teak SeaDek Swim Platform Pad on this Bryant 214 WT (bryantboats.com). This boat features Storm Gray over Black non-skid pads with port to starboard teak lines. Thanks for sharing Randy!

Faux Teak SPP

To order a swim platform pad for your boat, visit: www.seadek.com/c-12-swim-platform-pads.aspx. Don’t see your boat’s make and model? Contact customer service with the make, model and year of your boat at: customerservice@seadek.com or 321-632-4466.

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Custom SeaDek on a Chaparral 276 SSX

Last month we posted a few photos sent in by Phil, one of our customers who templated his boat for custom SeaDek and installed the completed pads himself. Phil has been helping his friends with the templating and installation of custom SeaDek as well. Here are a few pictures from his latest install on a 2006 Chaparral 276 SSX (www.chaparralboats.com):

Custom1 Custom2 Custom4Custom3

This Chaparral 276 SSX has a Storm Gray over Black Faux Teak custom SeaDek kit on the swim platform and walkthrough. Thanks for sharing Phil!

Phil’s original blog post: www.seadek.com/blog/2008-sea-ray-270-slx-swim-platform-and-walk-through

Get started on a custom SeaDek kit for your boat by ordering a Template Kit at: www.seadek.com/c-9-template-kits.aspx.

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Grouper – Fishing with SeaDek

Here’s another great photo from our buddy Captain Lance Moss with Surfari Charters down in Nicaragua. Nice grouper!



To order custom SeaDek for your boat, please contact customer service at: 321-632-4466 or customerservice@seadek.com.

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Snow Camo SeaDek Sheet Material on a Tracker

Most people are familiar with custom SeaDek kits, CNC cut with precision tooling and graphics but did you know we offer DIY options as well? One of our best selling products is actually our large roll sheet material made from the same high quality UV resistant EVA foam as all of our custom and OEM work.

Here is a recent customer installation on his Tracker using SeaDek 5mm snow camo. Here is a direct link to the product page: http://www.seadek.com/p-10-large-sheet-39-x-77.aspx  This material cuts easily with a sharp razor and comes with a PSA backing. Some people have taken shots at us on pricing comparing our material to low quality EVA only to find out that many of those cheap products don’t come with adhesive and to pay extra for it. A bigger problem for many is when they choose the cheap stuff it gets hard and peels up after only a season or two of hard use. Here is a previous article on choosing the right non-skid product for your application: http://www.seadek.com/blog/choosing-the-right-marine-non-skid-traction-pads/

100_0307 100_0304

After 250 hours in our QUV SE Accelerated Weather Tester*SeaDek-NotSeaDek
100_0301 100_0306

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SeaDek and SeaTow

SeaTow1We recently worked with Captain Lu of SeaTow Fort Lauderdale to sponsor their four tow boats. Each boat is now SeaDeked with a 13mm Storm Gray over Black Anti-Fatigue Helm Station Pad featuring a lasered SeaTow logo.



About SeaTow (from www.seatow.com)
Sea Tow has been the on-water assistance fleet of choice for boaters since 1983. A franchise-based marine assistance organization headquartered in Southold, New York, Sea Tow was founded in 1983 by Captain Joseph Frohnhoefer after the U.S Coast Guard stopped responding to non-emergency calls.

Since that time, Sea Tow has grown into a thriving network of nearly 100 locations across the United States with additional offices in Europe and the Caribbean. This network consists of a dedicated team of captains, crew and support staff that are standing by, 24/7, to serve our members and other boaters.


*The SeaTow logos are laser treatment prototypes and not yet available for order.


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Nautique Boat Building – Bring Your Child to Work Day 2015


Last week we made a set of mini boats to be constructed at Nautique’s “Bring Your Child to Work Day”. Each little engineer got to build and decorate their very own Super Air Nautique G23, fully made out of SeaDek EVA foam. The kids decorated their boats with markers, crayons and stickers to make each of them unique.

BoatBuilding7BoatBuilding8BoatBuilding1 BoatBuilding2

This little boat builder was super excited to show me his hand crafted boat named “The Colorful.”

BoatBuilding3 BoatBuilding9BoatBuilding5BoatBuilding10BoatBuilding4

Thanks to everyone over at Nautique for including us in their awesome day!

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Win a FREE SeaDek Fish Ruler!

Win a SeaDek Fish Ruler! Simply post a SeaDek photo on our FaceBook Page or Instagram and use the hashtag ‪#‎SeaDeked‬ to be entered in our drawing held Friday, May 8th at 2:00pm EST. The photo can be of your boat, a friends boat or anything with SeaDek on it.
INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/seadek/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SeaDek


Contest official rules: http://tinyurl.com/k2uexpy

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SC Carts – Wakeboat Inspired Cart

Check out this wakeboat inspired cart made by SC Carts. This cart is SeaDeked with black over storm gray faux teak pads.

IMG_0151m IMG_0157m IMG_0164m



“This custom cart is the first one out of our new SVD (special vehicle division) that we introduced earlier this year. This build was based on a 2007 Club Car Precedent 48 volt electric golf cart. It is powered by Trojan batteries and is rolling on 12” Shift wheels from Fairway Alloys.

Everything was done in house from the tower fabrication to paint and upholstery and even the windshield accents were cut on our new CNC router table.” – Jeffery H. of SC Carts

Thanks for the great photos Jeffery!

SC Carts

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Team SeaDek – Power-Pole Florida Pro Redfish Series

Team SeaDek competed in the Power-Pole Florida Pro Redfish Series Tournament in Jacksonville on April 18th and are still in the running for the Panama City Showdown Championship in October. Great job guys!

Alan Pepiphoto-3

The last tournament in the series to qualify for the Championship will be in Titusville, FL on May 16th.

For more information on the Florida Pro Redfish Series, visit: floridaproredfishseries.com.

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Jackson Cuda 14 SeaDek Kit Review

Here’s a great product review that Ty of ShallowWaterz.com wrote on the SeaDek kit he recently ordered for his Jackson Cuda 14 (jacksonkayak.com):

If there’s anything I’ve learned while on the water, it’s that being stealthy is a necessity. Something as simple as bumping a push pole on the side of a poling platform or lightly knocking a paddle on a kayak can cause a fish to go from feeding to high alert in an instant. One thing I always take note of when purchasing a new vessel is the different vibrations it puts off when you do different things.


For Instance, when I bought my Jackson Cuda 14 this year I noticed I would make a very subtle noise every time I stood up or sat down. Often times I would see a tailing redfish as I was standing, and would quickly sit down to approach from a seated position. While most people wouldn’t even notice this noise, I found that on some occasions the fish would either stop tailing or disappear completely if I was within casting distance of said fish. Something I couldn’t live with!


As a sight fishing fanatic, I spend more time standing and slowly paddling/pushing (which my Cuda 14 allows me to do comfortably) with the paddle than I do sitting while in my kayak. While this is one of the best ways to approach fish to sight cast to, it leaves you with the problem of having to do something with your paddle once you do locate the targeted species. I’ve found that gently placing my paddle on the gunnels (sides) of my kayak, and quietly picking up a rod to make a cast is the best method for me. Unfortunately, often times this will also cause a light noise and vibration that the fish can detect. Not to mention if it’s windy, your paddle will probably roll around and knock from side to side much like a teeter totter.

To this day, my Cuda 14 has yet to fail me with getting to the fish; but being human as I am, I have sent many a fish bolting off the flat due to being a little noisy on the water. After making a post on the Space Coast Kayak Anglers Group on Facebook regarding these concerns of mine, I received a lot of different info on how to make my kayak a little more stealthy. I found that luckily for those of us who aren’t quiet as a mouse, there is a noise reducing product out there for your skiff made by SeaDek.


A few days before the Punta Gorda IFA Kayak Tour in February, I decided to give SeaDek a call and order some non skid pads for my kayak. Not only did it arrive quickly with simple step by step instructions on how to install, but it was also pre cut to fit my kayak. In a matter of about an hour, I had SeaDek on the areas where my paddle, push-pole, and fishing rods rest; under my seat to reduce noise when standing/sitting; and just about anywhere I could set foot on my kayak for those times when I haven’t quite found my sea legs!


The morning after I installed all my non-skid pads, I ventured out to Pine Island Sound to prefish for the IFA Punta Gorda event and put my SeaDek to the test. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

static1.squarespace-3 static1.squarespace-4static1.squarespace-5

With the added stealth from the new SeaDek Pads, I was literally able to come within a few feet of a tailing redfish in about 8″ of water. Although I didn’t get an eat from the fish pictured above, I was amazed at how close I could get to take pics or make a cast. Being able to set my paddle down without making any noise has been a game changer while sight fishing. Jackson puts grooves on their kayak to keep your paddle from rolling around…add a little SeaDek and it’s fool proof. Simply set down your paddle, pick up your rod, and make that money cast.

Also, for those like myself who believe in comfort over anything, the cushion on my feet made things much easier on my back and is just overall much more comfortable. It makes it much more bearable being out on the water for 12 hours at times!

After my first encounter with this product, I doubt I’ll ever own another skiff without it! Whether you’re fishing, shooting pics, or just enjoying the water from a kayak, flats skiff, or any boat; I highly recommend checking out SeaDek!

*This review has been reposted from ShallowWaterz Insiders (www.shallowwaterz.com/product-reviews)

Thanks for the awesome review Ty!

Please be sure to check out Ty’s blog (www.shallowwaterz.com) and follow ShallowWaterz on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ShallowWaterz), Instagram (instagram.com/shallowwaterz) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/channel/UCuDkGAfQKxFA8fEnK2oPs9A).

To order a stock SeaDek kayak kit in storm gray or army camo, visit: www.seadek.com/c-97-kayak-non-skid-pads.aspx. For additional colors and custom logos, please contact customer service at customerservice@seadek.com or 321-632-4466.

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