SeaDek Factory For Sale!

We are selling our current manufacturing facility in Rocklegde, FL. We will be moving into a new facility in January. If you know anyone in the Central Florida area who might be interested please pass this listing along.

Very well built/maintained 2004 industrial building in the Rockledge Industrial Park District. 800 amp, 3 phase electric, 4 overhead doors, 20′ eave height, 4 bathroom, 1 shower, florescent lighting, compressed airlines run throughout warehouse and completely fire sprinkled. The office area also has a conference room, kitchen and multiple offices. Base building square footage is 14,000 with over 2600 sq ft of additional mezzanine, part of which is climate controlled. There is climate controlled storage in a portion of the warehouse along with an air conditioned 2nd floor production office/manufacturing observation area.

Here is the listing:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.35.59 AM 485_GusHippBlvd_002 485_GusHippBlvd_003 485_GusHippBlvd_004 485_GusHippBlvd_005 485_GusHippBlvd_007 485_GusHippBlvd_008 485_GusHippBlvd_009


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SeaDek CEO Rides WakeMAKERS Nautique Surf System Upgrade

SeaDek Marine has made a huge splash into the wakeboard boat market throughout the last two years. From swim deck pads to full carpet replacement they do it all. I am not sure there is much in a new Nautique G21 that does not have the SeaDek foam on it. They have been able to take the industry by storm by providing a very durable yet desirable product. Long gone are the days of replacing your swim platform pad. The precise size of the closed cell EVA panels insure the best fit every time.

We had the opportunity this season to provide the crew at SeaDek Marine with the best products to get the most amazing wakesurf wave behind their 2013 Super Air Nautique 230. Our goal was to provide them with a solution that was easy to install but also easy to control. We didn’t want them to use a throw over the side ballast pump and were able to send a fully compatible ballast upgrade that is controlled using the factory switches at the dash.

We have found that the best option for the newer 230 is to remove the factory hard tanks in the rear compartment and replace them with the 1100lb. Fly High Jumbo Surf Sacs. By removing the hard tank instead of piggy backing on top of it the bag is allowed to reach it’s maximum capacity while ensuring that the fill and drain times are the fastest possible. It takes quite a bit of water pressure to fill and drain water through a hard tank and into a ballast bag. The wonderful thing about this project is that the Nautique PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2006-2013) will work in both scenarios. By installing our upgrade the SeaDek 230 has more capacity in the rear lockers than what comes in the updated 2014 model with the extra Pro Surf Ballast package.

Adding ballast to the rear corners of the boat will create an awesome big steep wave but the guys at SeaDek wanted the pocket to lengthen out as well. The newer generation SAN 230′s have an amazing amount of space underneath the front bow cushions and we have a sac that will optimize every nook and cranny. If you are going to add weight in the stern you must add weight to the bow. By adding the Nautique Piggyback Front Factory Ballast Upgrade (2006-2013) with the Fly High Integrated Bow Sac the system could be easily controlled from the dash just like the rear bags.

This will take that big steep wave and make it a lot more ridable for everyone. By pushing the deepest part of the V hull further into the water the draft behind the boat becomes more compact and provides a mellower surf wave shape. Not only is the face both less steep and cleaner but the pocket also extends out further away from the swim deck. As you can see from the video above the rider can achieve unbelievable distances away from the boat and reel it all the way back in.

For more information on SeaDek products visit their website, WakeMAKERS offers the bestNautique Wakesurf Ballast Upgrades.

SeakDek 2013 Super Air Nautique 230 Surf Ballast Upgrade Materials List:

Product Name Unit Price Qty Subtotal
Total Price: $759.97
Air Nautique Rear Ballast Upgrade

Nautique PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2006-2013) Fly High Jumbo Surf Sac (1100 lbs.)”

Air Nautique Bow Ballast Upgrade

Nautique Piggyback Front Factory Ballast Upgrade (2006-2013) Fly High Integrated Bow Sac (650 lbs.)



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Templating a Kayak for SeaDek Non-skid Pads

The new SeaDek kayak non-skid kits have been a huge hit and we are adding more patterns as quickly as we can. One question we’ve been getting a lot is how to template a kayak yourself. We will be putting together an instructional video very soon but here are a few photos from recent templating jobs.

The most important thing is getting the template material nice and flat on the surface to be templated. This requires a good deal of trimming with scissors or a razor. Once flat, tape the mylar material securely to the deck and trace the area where you would like a pad with a sharpie marker. Note bow, stern, port and starboard orientation, number the parts and write your contact info one the template. Send it back to us and we’ll get started on your custom pad!

Be sure to check our store first to make sure we don’t already have your pattern:

Kayak_template_001 Kayak_template_002 Kayak_template_003

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SeaDek Motocycle Display Pads

We are always working on something new around the SeaDek factory. While we’ve done quite a few projects in the automotive industry, we haven’t done a lot in the motorcycle segment. This show-floor display mat is for MX and off-road motorcycles fitted with parts from Pro-Wheel racing Components (



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SeaDek’s Hewes Tournament 16

Finally have the SeaDek Hewes Tournament 16 decked out and ready to go. This beautiful boat was completely restored over at Castaway Customs (

SeaDek_Hewes_16_001The fully customized SeaDek kit is 6mm cool gray over bimini blue with a brushed texture. The cockpit features a faux teak pattern. On the bow there is a SeaDek branded CNC cut fish rule. Under the gunnels at two routed snook pads. Up on the platform is an anti-fatigue pad with SeaDek logo. The whole kit is applied using our 3M PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). The only thing missing is a SeaDek seat cushion and a new Ram-lin trailer ( both of which are in the works.

Comfort is key. Spend a day fishing on a boat with SeaDek and you will never have a boat without it. Our marine grade, UV resistant EVA foam is unlike any other deck covering/non-skid on the market. We don’t use cheap lowgrade EVA that will peel and turn hard in a single season. Quality and attention to detail make us the leader in our field and trusted by the best boat builders in the world.

Contact us today to find out about “SeaDeking” your boat. Phone: 321-632-4466 or

Pricing on this particular kit (pricing may vary with different logo and layout options):
Two Color 6mm – Retail $1876
Single color 5mm – Retail – $1512

SeaDek_Hewes_16_002 SeaDek_Hewes_16_004 SeaDek_Hewes_16_005 SeaDek_Hewes_16_006 SeaDek_Hewes_16_007 SeaDek_Hewes_16_008 SeaDek_Hewes_16_009 SeaDek_Hewes_16_010 SeaDek_Hewes_16_011 SeaDek_Hewes_16_012 SeaDek_Hewes_16_013 SeaDek_Hewes_16_014 SeaDek_Hewes_16_015 SeaDek_Hewes_16_017 SeaDek_Hewes_16_018 SeaDek_Hewes_16_019 SeaDek_Hewes_16_020


Hewes Tournament 16 – 1992


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Nautique Team SeaDek Pad

Just received this photo from Events/National Promo Team Manager, Henry Cecil. SeaDek manufactures the faux teak non-skid pads seen on all Nautique boats ( We also create custom event, dealer and team rider pads throughout the year for advertising and promotions.


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SeaDek Helm Pads for George Poveromo

George Poveromo ( is a world-renowned angling authority, National Seminar host, television host, and Editor-At-Large for Salt Water Sportsman Magazine. We’ve been working with him for years providing custom pads for his Makos. Here are two of the latest custom anti-fatigue pads just coming off the CNC machines. You’ll be able to see them both in person at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show (

George_Poveromo_2013_001 George_Poveromo_2013_002 George_Poveromo_2013_003 George_Poveromo_2013_004

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SeaDek For Hobie Pro Angler Kayaks

These photos of two fully customized Hobie Pro Angler kits came to us from our friend Steve up in Georgia. An avid kayak fisherman, Steve was good enough to work through some initial hiccups on our end in the beginning of this project and we appreciate that. In the end these kits turned out pretty spectacularly.

Hobie Pro Angler_001

We can make non-skid pads for just about any kind of kayak. First check on our online store to make sure it isn’t already in the catalog:

If it’s not on the list you can simply order a template kit and we’ll work with you to get a custom pad made: Hobie Pro Angler_002 Hobie Pro Angler_003 Hobie Pro Angler_004


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Native Slayer 14.5 SeaDek Non-Skid Kit


Hey seadek guys, its Joe Harrison, Soflobro69 on Instagram, with the Native Slayer 14.5 with the army camo seadek. First off love the product guys! So glad you all decided to enter the kayak market. Bought the product back in September and installed it on my Slayer and instantly liked it. I spend a lot of my time stand up sight fishing for redfish out here in Galveston Texas during the school year and back home in Fort Pierce Florida during my breaks. The seadek looks awesome on the kayak, makes it stand out from the rest, keeps the deck cool and quiet as well as provides plenty of traction for my feet while standing. Heres what pictures I have of the Slayer with the SeaDek I took after I installed it. I don’t take many pictures of the kayak from the outside when im here in Texas because if I get out of the boat I usually sink up to my knees in marsh mud! But ill be heading back home to Florida and the Indian River next week and could take more and better pics of the kayak with the seadek in it, better scenery than my uncles driveway. Anyway heres what ive got, thanks for the interest,

Buy one for yourself today:

Native_Slayer_14-5_002Native_Slayer_14-5_003Native_Slayer_14-5_004Native_Slayer_14-5_007 Native_Slayer_14-5_005

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SeaDek On A Ranger

Got a call from a customer this morning asking if we’ve done pads for a Ranger. We’ve done lot’s of Ranger Boats! Here are just a few Ranger/SeaDek photos.

SeaDek on Ranger, full treatment Ranger_04-1024x945 1278989002 digi39729262 close-up-1024x680 Ranger_01 Ranger_01-892x1024 20120216-160449 Ranger_09 Ranger_08 Ranger_13c ranger_01-1 1278989003 IMG_0833-1024x768 40642_1462342553917_1094040080_31322863_915740_n

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