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6 Responses to Photos – DIY

  1. Good work there. I really love it.

  2. I’ve been to this blog a lot lately, and never really commented, but this blog post specifically was exceptional. You guys give a lot of excellent knowledge and I practically always find it beneficial. Keep it up, really like submitting this stuff to facebook. Cheers!

  3. Robert says:

    Making my first purchase today, hopefully this will go as planned and I will make some more purchases in the near future. Wish me luck!!!

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  6. Erik says:


    I saw my first SeaDek at the Boat Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, OEM fitted to an Hellwig Milos 630.
    Beatiful, that’s what I have to get for my Chris Craft.
    So I found this website and tried to have a look to all the pics here, but 75% of all pics won’t show up.
    Flickr. I hate it. Why don’T you put your pics on your own server?
    Like it is now the website is destroyed half :-(
    Anyways I try to get a quote, hopefully that will work ;-)
    This teak-lookalike grey over black is just beatiful!

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