SeaDek and Monterey Boats

SeaDek has been a supplier of innovative non-skid products to Monterey Boats ( for many years. Monterey was among the first large boat builders to embrace our new products and help us take them to the next level.

New Model Introduction
328SS_Running 204FS_Running 224FSC-1 224FS Platform 224FS_Running 224FS_Swim Platform 264FS Cockpit 264FS_Cockpit 264FS_Running 280SY_Running

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2 Responses to SeaDek and Monterey Boats

  1. John Livingston says:

    i have a 2012 Monterey 204 fs and have the sea deck on my swim platform but was interested in putting it in the rest of the boat , is there a kit available and if so how much , thanks John .

  2. Mike York says:

    I have a 2006 298SS Monterey and would like to do the swim platform is there a kit available

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