Swim Platform Pads Request Form

Comfort, durability, and a finished look define SeaDek’s line of swim platform pads. SeaDek is made from UV resistant, closed cell PE/EVA material that will not absorb water, and is easily applied with a long lasting peel-and-stick adhesive, making SeaDek superior to other traction alternatives on the market.

SeaDek swim platform pads are available in a 5mm single color option, as well as a 6mm option that features two colors laminated together. Both thicknesses are available with either our brushed or micro-dot embossed texture, with the option for faux teak in the 6mm.

Each 6mm pad begins with a layer of 3mm foam on the bottom for comfort and shock absorption, followed by another 3mm top layer that provides durability and superior non-skid performance in both wet and dry conditions. Next, our 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to the underside of the pad before a CNC machine cuts a finished bevel along the outer edges. As a finishing touch, custom text or the SeaDek logo is routed into the pad along with optional custom graphics.

The minimum order on custom pads is $159.95, but please call the SeaDek factory at 321-632-4466 for further custom pricing and information.