Swim Platform Pads Request Form

Comfort, durability and a finished look and feel are all characteristics of SeaDek's custom swim platform traction pads. SeaDek is made from closed-cell EVA material that will not absorb water and is easily applied with our long lasting, easy to apply peel-and-stick adhesive. SeaDek is superior to other traction alternatives on the market.

Each pad starts with 5mm foam on the bottom for comfort and shock absorption. A thermo embossed, 3mm layer is then added to the top for durability and superior non-skid performance in both wet and dry conditions. Next the easy to apply PSA backing is added to the pad. Finally our CNC machine routes a finished bevel along the outer edge of the pad to prevent lifting or peeling and if desired a logo is routed into the center of the pad.

Customers often ask for clarification of how the logo is created and a description of the color over color orientation. Using storm gray over black as an example; a 3mm sheet of storm gray foam is laminated on top of a 5mm sheet of black. The embossed pattern is then applied to the top of the 3mm storm gray. The PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive) backing is then applied to the bottom of the 5mm black. This completed material is then placed on a CNC cutting table. A bevel is cut along the outside then a cutting bit cuts through the top layer of foam (3mm storm gray) revealing the black foam below, thus creating a black logo within a field of gray.