Aqua Camo Teak SeaDek!

We just got some photos back from United States Army Veteran Larry Soto. Larry is a disabled Iraqi War Veteran who just finished restoring his boat with the purpose of giving other disabled combat veterans the opportunity to go fishing for therapeutic and recreational purposes, and to give fellow comrades a tool to help them cope with their physical, emotional, and psychological wounds. He told us that is his way of changing lives, one warrior at a time.

06-16 Larry Soto-11-2

06-16 Larry Soto-2-2

Larry was looking to give the boat a patriotic aqua military theme, and decided to go with Aqua Camo over Bahama Blue. The Aqua Camo teak turned out looking really great, and Larry couldn’t be happier, saying, “After installing the SeaDek I have had the honor and opportunity of taking veterans and their families out fishing; they certainly enjoyed and appreciated it. Putting a smile on a fellow veteran suffering from a service-related disability is most rewarding to me.”

06-16 Larry Soto-7-206-16 Larry Soto-7

06-16 Larry Soto-8-2

06-16 Larry Soto-1306-16 Larry Soto-4-2

SeaDek in Larry’s boat keeps the veterans from slipping and provides a soft and comfortable surface for long days on the water. To find the perfect SeaDek for your boat, visit our webstore here.