Bill Booth’s SeaDeked Snake Hunting Boat

The proliferation of Burmese Pythons in South Florida is no secret anymore, with the giant snakes exploding in population and decimating native wildlife that doesn’t stand a chance against the colossal constrictors.

Rising to the challenge of eradicating the foreign creatures, outdoorsman extraordinaire Bill Booth has made a science out of stalking, catching, and removing the snakes from the Florida Everglades, which he has spent his entire life hunting, fishing, and traversing.

When Bill reached out to us with a custom SeaDek project in mind for his new swamp boat, we designed a kit that was perfect for his new backcountry ride. The Olive Green over Black kit prevents any slipping on the boat’s slick aluminum deck, and stays much cooler than the bare aluminum, which can get unbearably hot in minutes in the South Florida sun.

Click here to check out this great article on one of Bill’s recent snake hunts from Outdoor Life magazine.

Thank you for your hard work Bill, every snake counts!

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