SeaDek Non-skid Options and Pricing

Hewes_3 kits overheadWhen choosing SeaDek non-skid pads for you boat, there is an array of options to choose from.  Kits can range from a basic one-color kit that provides excellent traction and comfort to a two-color kit with additional cushion and custom graphics. Here’s a break down of a few of the most popular options displayed on a Hewes Redfisher 18 flats boat:

5mm Embossed Kit – Approximately $2300
iBoats_Hewes_5mm5mm close up

This kit is 5mm thick throughout and covers the entire deck. Made from SeaDek’s closed-cell, non-absorbent, EVA foam, this kit will provide comfort, traction when wet or dry, and protect the surface of your boat.

6mm Brushed Kit with Helm Pad – Approximately $2840
iBoats_Hewes_6mm6mm close up6mm close up2

This 6mm kit allows for two colors of foam: one for the top with a brushed texture and one for the bottom that shows as a boarder with the beveled edges. The kit also includes a 13mm helm pad for extra comfort and to help lessen fatigue from standing for long hours on the water.

6mm Brushed Kit with Faux Teak Cockpit and Custom Graphics – Approximately $3200
iBoats_Hewes_6mmGraphicsTeak Close up2Teak close up Alan2

This is a 6mm 2-color brushed kit and has all of the bells and whistles. It includes a 13mm helm pad, as well as a 13mm poling platform pad and 13mm bench seating for added comfort while fishing and hanging out. The seating has a routed fish ruler for a quick and easy way to measure all of the fish you catch. The cockpit pads feature faux teak lines running bow to stern. Another nice addition to this kit is the graphics.  Custom graphics such as boat names, fish, and logos can be routed into your pads to personalize your SeaDek.

All of the above kits are made from SeaDek’s high-quality, UV protected material and is easily applied using our marine grade 3M pressure sensitive adhesive.

These kits were created for Alan Rylan, a competitive fisherman in the Central Florida area. He decided to go with the 6mm brushed kit with graphics for the upgraded thickness and fish ruler. This option is great for fisherman that spend long hours on the water, by providing additional anti-fatigue qualities with the 13mm helm pad and poling platform.

*The photos above are for comparison purposes, so the kits were not adhered to the boat. Although the 6mm faux teak kit has a Hewes logo, we are not currently offering manufacturer logos on our products. The large SeaDek logos on the 6mm faux teak kit are swap out prototypes and not currently available for order.

For more information on ordering a custom kit for your boat, please contact customer service at: or 321-632-4466.