Dano The Mano – The Golden Mic Podcast, All New Episodes!!

If you know anything about competitive wakeboarding, waterskiing or wakesurfing you know that Dano the Mano (aka Danny Amir) is the voice of the sport. But did you know that he has a podcast that features personal interviews with the greatest athletes and personalities in these sports as well? The first episodes of 2015 have just dropped and you won’t be able to turn them off. There is also the entire back catalog from 2014 with names like Brad Smeel, Amber Wing, Dirty Mike Dowdy, Darin Shapiro, Chris O’Shea and many others. Get up close and personal with the greatest riders in the world in his one of a kind program that is just a click away:

The podcast: http://noiseofthenorth.com/golden-mic-podcast/

Check him out on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/goldenmicpodcast

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDanotmano

Instagram: http://instagram.com/danotmano

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