Does SeaDek Get Hot?

This is a question we get asked all the time, and for good reason—nobody wants a boat deck that will burn your feet or make for an uncomfortable time on a sunny afternoon.

So with that said, the short answer to the question is “No”! Like any material left in the sun, such as upholstery or carpet, darker colors will become warmer than lighter colors, but unlike many vinyl and composite marine floorings on the market, SeaDek will never become so warm that it is unpleasant to stand or sit on.

So that is the short answer, but for all the science fair champions out there, let’s take a deeper dive to see just why SeaDek performs so well in warm climates.

Scientifically speaking, the question really isn’t whether SeaDek gets hot, but rather, will it transfer heat to your feet? To answer that question, we must first understand the concept of conduction.

Does SeaDek get Hot?

Conduction happens when two objects at different temperatures touch each other. Heat flows from the warmer object to the cooler object, so in this case, we are talking about the transfer of heat from SeaDek to your feet on a hot summer day.

Does SeaDek get hot?

Materials are classified as either a Conductor or an Insulator based on how well they conduct heat. For example, metals are good conductors and foams and rubbers are good insulators. Thanks to its closed-cell PE/EVA composition, SeaDek is an insulator!

Does SeaDek get Hot?

So, because SeaDek is an insulator, when it gets warm in the sun and then you step onto it, it does not transfer very much heat to your feet.

And that is why SeaDek doesn’t get hot!

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