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Our distributor in Australia, Southern Cross Textiles, just sent us this video of one of their customer’s boats utilizing SeaDek. Enlightened Boating: http://www.crossxcountryboats.com/
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4juBW2AcD3A]
CrossXCountry Boats – Manufacturing recreational fishing boats, 3.7 metres to 4.75 metres in length, since 2009. Our boats are purpose designed in house, by qualified shipwrights and passionate, self-confessed habitual recreational fishermen, for the fishing and recreational market in Australia.

We constantly strive to improve our existing product and service, and we’re always looking to the future in design and development.

Our boats are Lighter, Quieter, Safer, and Stronger than comparable products, and we are endorsed by some of Australia top fishing and travelling journalists for their seaworthiness, practicality, stability and comfort.

In particular, they like the functionality of CrossXCountry Boats as applies to their passion – fishing.

Steve “Starlo” Starling

SeaDek’s Australian Distributor:

28 Sunblest Cres Mount Druitt NSW 2770
Ph:   61 2 9832 0848
Fax:  61 2 9832 0843
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