Equipment Review: Sea-Dek Marine-Grade Mats

Wanted to say a quick thank you to Captain C. A. Richardson for the great review he posted recently on his blog, We really appreciate your support and good words. Glad the pads are working out for you.

Tyler Shealey over Cast Away Customs did the install and does great work. Tyler was our first authorized installer in the South East. You can email Tyler at:

The following has been reposted from  C.A. Richarson’s blog:

Every once in awhile a product that truly makes a difference comes along in my industry… Sea-Dek definitely belongs in that category.  Sea-Dek’s marine-grade flooring pads (made from closed cell EVA foam) adds both style and functionality to the average vanilla colored decks of most fishing vessels.  This unique product also offers boat owners the added benefit of improved traction, fatigue reduction, noise dampening, and protects all fiberglass decks from unsightly chips & scuffs!


In my business spending the day negotiating a wet slippery boat deck is the norm and I’ve had my fair share of spills and falls but I can’t afford that to happen with my Flats Class clientele.  Sea-Dek provides my casting decks with superior traction even after throwing a cast net and trashing the deck with grass or having several fish flopping around on the deck leaving copious amounts of fish slime… traction is never a worry now!  The traction issue is even more important when it comes to elevated poling & casting platforms… in those applications Sea-Dek is a must in my opinion for safety.

Fatigue Reduction

I spend over 200 days a year on the water standing on the deck of my boat and my feet, knees, and lower back really feel it!  But since I had the Sea-Dek flooring installed the fatigue factor has greatly diminished.  It’s like I’m wearing an expensive pair of orthotic shoes on the boat even when I’m running around barefoot.  My heels, ankles, and knees aren’t aching halfway through the day like they use to on my old hard deck and I find that my stamina and concentration levels have greatly increased.  Less fatigue and more focus… allows me to catch more fish!

Noise Dampening

One of the added benefits Sea-Dek marine mats provide me is the noise elimination aspect.  No matter if I drop a jig head on the deck, or have a heavy-footed fishing partner moving about awkwardly … Sea-Dek greatly dampens most of the unwanted sound & vibration.  And whenever your stalking spooking redfish in crystal clear water… sound dampening is an angling advantage you want to own.

Style & Protection

Most hardcore anglers are proud of their boats and enjoy enhancing them with new-fangled accessories and even complete boat hull wraps today.  But upgrading your old decks with Sea-Dek floor mats will give your boat a whole new look.  There are a variety of colors & designs, to choose from including teak planking believe it or not.  It’s even possible to have the name of your boat or a convenient measuring board stenciled right into the Sea-Dek material… a very cool feature.  Custom designs and installations are available through companies like Castaway Customs… they do a first-rate job and come out to your location for the install even if you live in the Bahamas!  Tyler from Castaway Customs oversaw the design on my Ranger 2200 Bay and I was very satisfied with the craftsmanship & timely finish.  The Sea-Dek material also protects fiberglass decks against chips & scuffs from dropped equipment as well as providing me with a nice cushioned floor for kneeling when rigging tackle or de-hooking big fish in rough water.
 After experiencing the comfort and feel of the Sea-Dek product over the past few months, I can honestly say I will not own another boat without having this material installed on most if not all of the decking!  For more information about Sea-Dek please visit their website at .
Until next time please keep safety, ethics, and conservation in your fishing adventures,
Capt. C.A. Richardson
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