Florida Sportsman Watermen Debuts Today

As residents and business owners of Brevard County, our lives are deeply intertwined with the Indian River Lagoon, a delicate coastal estuary that spans five counties and stretches 156 miles. The lagoon supports a unique ecosystem that serves as a nursery for juvenile marine life, but also a habitat that supports some of the best sport fishing in Florida.

Unfortunately, with the continued development of the state, the lagoon has been continually neglected and now faces a habitat crisis never seen before, with the disappearance of seagrass, harmful algae blooms, and pollution that has left the estuary on the brink of total collapse.

Thankfully, the tide may be getting ready to turn, as an army of fishermen, activists, environmentalists, and outdoorsmen join together to fight for solutions to save this priceless natural resource.

In the debut episode of Florida Sportsman Watermen, Captain Benny Blanco joins fishing legend Flip Pallot to target redfish and seatrout in the Mosquito Lagoon, while exploring the issues that are plaguing the lagoon, as well as solutions for a brighter future.

Florida Sportsman Watermen is poised to be groundbreaking series, and this first episode is not to be missed.

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