Grady White Gets SeaDeked

We recently finished a custom factory SeaDek installation on a Grady White 226 Seafarer, and by the end of the install it looked like a completely different boat. Joseph Loffek, the Principal of Gemini Elementary School in Melbourne Beach, FL, initially wanted pads made for his Armstrong bracket, but after scanning the deck, the decision was made to go all the way.


Note: if ordering this kit direct from SeaDek the part number is 26153


Our custom installation team designed pads for the entire boat in Cool Gray over Black with a brushed texture, featuring our new 20mm Dual Density pads on the cabin top and in the helm area. These pads utilize a 17mm low-density bottom layer for increased shock-absorption and comfort, while the 3mm standard density top layer ensures traction and durability. These pads really are the best of both worlds and are the perfect choice for boaters that spend prolonged periods of time on their feet.

Grady-white-09-16-2 Grady-white-09-16-3     Grady-white-09-16-8 Grady-white-09-16-9    Grady-white-09-16-14

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