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How do I Purchase Custom SeaDek?

This is a question that we get asked all the time, and there is more than one correct answer! There are many ways to get SeaDek for your boat, and depending on how hands-on you would like to be and what kind of finished product you are after, we have a solution for everyone.

I really want custom SeaDek, and I’d like someone to take care of everything for me.

SeaDek Certified Fabricators and Installers

If you’d rather sit back and let someone else do the work, we have SeaDek Certified Fabricators and Installers strategically located all around the world for your convenience.

SeaDek Certified Fabricators and Installers

These are SeaDek professionals who are factory-trained to pattern, design, cut, and install fully custom SeaDek kits at your home, dock, or marina. After a brief consultation to discuss your desired features, such as color, texture, thickness, and design, a technician will visit your boat to digitally pattern the areas to be covered, and then create a CAD drawing to share with you for feedback. Once any needed changes have been made, the custom parts are CNC machined, and the technician will return to your boat to properly install the finished kit.

Click here to find a SeaDek Certified Fabricator or Installer in your area!

Well, that is definitely the easiest option, but I think I’d rather do it myself.

We can help with that too! Over the years, we have amassed thousands of patterns for the most popular boat makes and models, and our Customer Advocate Team is standing by to search the database to see if we have a preexisting file for your boat. If we do, we can send you out a set of dry fits, which are replicates of the parts printed on clear mylar, so you can test fit everything before placing your order. If the fit is close, but not perfect, you can also mark up the dry-fits and send them back to us so we can make any needed changes to ensure a great fit.W

Contact our Customer Advocate Team at 321-632-4466 or customerservice@seadek.com to see if we have your boat on file!

My boat is very customized and SeaDek doesn’t have a pattern on file.

No problem! We have Template Kits ready to go so you can pattern your boat yourself! Templating is easy, and involves using our template material to trace the parts that you would like made for your boat. Once you send them back to us, our CAD designers will clean up the designs, and create a CAD drawing that can be revised (often based on dry fits) until you are completely happy with it. At that point, we will cut the kit and send it to you to install.

We have lots of resources to help with your installation, such as how-to videos that walk you through each step of the process.


Ready to get started? Click here to order a template kit, or contact our Customer Advocate Team for more information on our custom ordering process.

All of these methods sound great, but a perfect fit and finish aren’t that important to me. Can I just cut it myself?

We do have an option for the true do-it-yourselfer! If you want the traction and cushion of SeaDek, but a perfect machined finish really isn’t necessary, we offer SeaDek Sheet Material that you can measure and cut yourself! Available for purchase on our webstore, SeaDek Sheet Material comes in a variety of colors and textures, and has the same 3M adhesive as our custom parts for easy peel-and-stick application.

SeaDek DIY Sheet material

Perfect for anything, from johnboats to anchor lockers to whole boat decks, SeaDek Sheet Material is the perfect option when all the benefits of SeaDek are desired, but at a lower cost.

SeaDek DIY Sheet material
SeaDek DIY Sheet material

Click here to view sheet material and our whole line of retail products!

So to sum it all up, getting custom Seadek for your boat is easier than ever! Your boat deserves SeaDek!