How to Make Your Boat’s Swim Platform Safer

While SeaDek is now utilized in countless different ways on all corners of modern boats, it was SeaDek swim platform pads that introduced our innovative nonskid materials to the boating public more than a decade ago.

Arguably the most dangerous place on a boat, swim platforms have their own unique hazards, as they are often wet and slippery while also serving as the primary boarding zone for many vessels. Add the proximity to the boat’s props and it is clear why this is an area where safety has to be considered.

SeaDek solved these problems by offering a soft and comfortable product with aggressive nonskid properties that is also fully customizable, adding aesthetically pleasing accents and opportunities for custom logos and designs.

Today, swim platform pads are still one of our most popular offerings, and whether ordering directly from our webstore or working with our Customer Advocate Team, we have an extensive catalogue of the most popular makes and models to choose from.

This 2007 Bryant 219’s swim platform just got an update with a new custom SeaDek kit, and while subtle, we know that it will make a big impact on her crew this summer!

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