Kayak Fishing Radio Yeti Cooler Top Pad

This is a custom Yeti cooler top for our friend Charles Levi Jr. from Kayak Fishing Radio (kayakfishingradio.com). He has been instrumental in helping us with our Kayak traction kit program. Drop in and say hello to him at Kayaks By Bo in Titusville, FL!  www.kayaksbybo.com


This pad is 6mm, brown over black, brushed SeaDek material.


SeaDek Yeti cooler tops can be ordered from the Yeti Store at: http://store.yeticoolers.com/yeti-tundra-seadek/.

For additional color combinations, custom logos, and pads for any cooler brands with a surface suitable to apply SeaDek to, please contact us at 321-632-4466 or customerservice@seadek.com for pricing and availability.