Must-Have Boat Accessories

If you’re a boating enthusiast, you know how important it is to have the right equipment and accessories onboard. Many must-have items should outfit every boat, from safety equipment like life vests to navigation tools like compasses. When choosing the right SeaDek accessories for your boat, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you will need to think about what type of vessel you have and what activities you typically enjoy on the water. These considerations may determine which accessories are most appropriate for you. Some standard SeaDek accessories worth considering include Hook-N-It Pads, Fish Rulers, Dash Pockets, or Helm Pads. Every boat is different, but they all require various accessories. However, there are some essential items that every boat owner should have on hand. Fish Rulers, for example, are a must-have for any angler, as they help to ensure your catch is within legal limits. Hook-N-Its also come in handy for fishermen, as they help keep hooks and lures organized. Helm pads are a necessity for boaters with center consoles, as they reduce fatigue caused by long hours at the helm. Dash Pockets are another helpful accessory, as they provide a place to store small items like keys, sunglasses, and phones. By investing in these essential items, boaters can be sure to prepare for anything. You can use these products to help make your time on the water more enjoyable, whether you’re heading out for a fishing excursion, a long day on the water with family and friends, or simply relaxing and taking in the scenery. Regardless of what type of boat you have or what activities you love doing on it, investing in quality SeaDek accessories is always a wise choice. So why wait? Start shopping today and enjoy all that your boat has to offer!  

SeaDek Teak Sheet in Mocha Over Black


Hook-N-Its are a reusable product that will help you keep track of your lures and look great at the same time! Our Hook-N-It pad makes it easy to put your lures right where you want them. Whether you are fishing the flats or trolling skirts offshore, these pads conveniently allow you to stick and protect your hooks while keeping them sharp and ready for the next strike. They allow your flies to be visible from a distance but out of harm’s way from curious kids and pets.

Hook-N-It Pad of a RedFish with SeaDek Laser on top.

Dash Pocket:

Find a snug home for your cell phone, keys, and more! An essential for any captain, this is the ideal solution to keep things in place while you are underway, even when the seas get sloppy. Many boaters use  SeaDek dash pockets to keep track of small items that would otherwise be lost if left to slide around on the console. And on land, they have countless other applications, such as on the workbench or in RVs. Each Dash Pocket features an adhesive-backed mount featuring an industry-leading 3M™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing to ensure a solid bond for your dash. Each pocket is textured SeaDek material and matches the SeaDek colors used on boats. The pads are available in an assortment of colors, and their small size makes them ideal for a wide range of uses. Using a unique combination of materials and manufacturing methods, you will enjoy a product that lasts for seasons to come. Say goodbye to your valuable items sliding around and falling onto the deck.

Dash Pockets With SeaDek Adhesive on bottom

Helm Pad:

Are you tired of a throbbing back or knees after a long day of fishing? Our Helm Pads will be your go-to anti-fatigue pad for longer and more comfortable days on the water. Helm Pads are the perfect way to add extra comfort and protection to your boat’s helm, and our Helm Pads are by far the softest and most comfortable available. Made with an ultra-soft low-density 17mm foundation for an inch of shock absorption, combined with our 3mm brushed top layer for traction and durability, you’ll be able to stand at your boat’s helm for a full day without any discomfort. Installation takes only minutes! Impress your friends with increased comfort, traction, and durability. Enjoy your boat all day long without worrying about sore muscles or joints, and enjoy the new feel of your helm!

Man Standing on SeaDek Helm Pad. Teak Mocha Over Black

Fish Rulers:

Fish Rulers are a beautiful and durable alternative to tape measures and other measurement devices. They attach easily to your boat, allowing you to quickly and easily measure the size of your catch. Durably constructed with a brushed texture, they feature a peel-and-stick 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive that enables ease of installation and is anchored underfoot or fish and will not fade or break down. Offered in a 6mm thickness with a brushed texture, they are perfect for the captain to ensure the catch is within the legal limit. SeaDek fish rulers are the perfect accessory for any angler! Don’t be without yours. Pick one up today, and be prepared for your following big catch!

*Not to be used as a legal measuring device; the application may cause distortion.

A SeaDek Routed Fish Ruler Measuring a Fish. SeaDek Storm Gray Over Black

Boating is a popular pastime for many people, but it’s essential to be prepared before heading out on the water. Our website offers a range of must-have boat accessories, from Fish Rulers and Hook-N-It kits to Helm Pads and Dash Pockets. Whether you’re an experienced boater or just getting started, our selection of accessories will help you make the most of your time on the water. So head over to our website and get everything you need to enjoy a safe and fun day out on the boat. 

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