New Kayak Stock Traction Kits Now Available!

Stock Traction Kits for a few different kayaks are now available for order on our webstore:

See below for the models that are now available.

2016 NuCanoe Frontier

Price: $207.95


2015 NuCanoe Frontier

Price: $207.95 


2015 Hobie Mirage Adventure Island

Price: $118.95

12-15_Hobie Adventure Island

2015 Kaku Kahuna

Price: $266.95


2015 Ocean Kayak Prowler 13:

Price: $91.95


2015 Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game

Price: $128.95


2015 Ocean Kayak Trident 13

Price: $91.95


2015 Ocean Kayak Caper Angler

Price: $128.95


Our stock kayak kits are 5mm thick with an embossed surface, and come in Storm Gray and Army Camo.

Stock Color/texture combinations:

11-15_Jackson Cuda-4 11-15_Jackson Cuda-5 11-15_Jackson Cuda-6

Custom Ocean Kayaks can be produced in any color combination with either a brushed or embossed finish. Custom kits can be ordered by contacting customer service at: or 321-632-4466.


2016 NuCanoe Frontier Reference Number: 21477

2015 NuCanoe Frontier Reference Number: 22606

2015 Hobie Mirage Adventure Island Reference Number: 22379

2015 Ocean Prowler 13 Reference Number: 22188

2015 Ocean Prowler Big Game Reference Number: 22192

2015 Ocean Trident 13 Reference Number: 22189

2015 Ocean Caper Angler Reference Number: 22190

2015 Kaku Kahuna Reference Number: 22548

Keep an eye out for more stock kayak kits that will be available soon!

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