Floor Mat


  • Material Thickness: 8mm
  • Texture/Material: Tetrapod/EPDM Rubber
  • SeaDek warranty does not apply to any Floor Mat products

SeaDek Floor Mats are the newest addition to a line of rugged, durable products intended for high-traffic areas, and the toughest of applications. Made from SeaDek HD material featuring a unique Tetrapod texture that is designed to repel dirt and increase traction underfoot, our Floor Mats are perfect for use outside of RVs, tents, docks, and anywhere else where you might need a little extra grip. These mats are easy to clean and retain their non-skid properties, either wet or dry.

Warning: SeaDek Floor Mats may be slick if used on wet, smooth surfaces. It is not recommended for any smooth surface such as tile floors or similar surfaces where moisture can accumulate underneath.