Prototype SeaDek Kit for an Old Town Predator 13

Before you call in your order just know that this kit is not for sale right now. Because of the unique deck design we need to do some thorough testing before we make it available. That said, I’d like to thank Zack Rece for being our test pilot on this project. When he first emailed me asking if we could make a kit for the Predator I was a little apprehensive. The deck has lots of raised areas creating channels for water to run out of and keeping your feet on a dryer surface. This creates a bit of a challenge for adhering anything down because water will flow under the pad. We’ll see how it goes.


The kit installed very easily and really looked nice. Just the single color really set off the kayak. The pads will provide a much more comfortable surface to stand on, especially when barefoot. If the kit proves itself over the next several weeks we’ll consider adding it to our catalog. We’ll post results here on our website and social media site either way.

We are adding new kayak kits to the store every week. Look for yours here: . If you don’t see yours please contacts us and let us help you make a template for your kayak and create a custom kit. Choose from one color or two color combinations and even add logos and graphics!

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