SeaDek: A New Boating Convenience

When you own a boat, it’s not always just about marine paint and constant maintenance. It’s also about the boating season, getting out on the open water, and enjoying the waterside lifestyle. There are numerous products on the market designed to make boating more enjoyable and stress-free. SeaDek is one such product that’s proven to bring a new edge to your boating experience or hobby.

SeaDek is a non-skid deck enhancement that sticks to the surface of your deck to protect it, reduce noise, and reduce boater fatigue. It also enhances the non-slip characteristics of your deck. These pads are an innovative product that’s catching the boating industry by storm.

SeaDek deck pads are made from closed-cell EVA and are molded into non-skid, texturized UV-protected non-absorbent foam. They have a micro-dot surface which improves the non-slip characteristics of your deck. SeaDek is applied using a peel-and-stick technology that doesn’t harm your deck. No hardware is required and installation literally takes several minutes.

Why would anyone need a SeaDek pad? For starters, if you’re a hardcore boater, a SeaDek pad over your high-traffic areas and at the helm control has two main benefits: it protects your deck from traffic damage and it reduces boater fatigue. Your deck is constantly taking abuse from water and foot traffic. Over time, the skid resistant surface on your deck can break down and create a safety hazard. SeaDek protects the high traffic areas, reduces the amount of deck maintenance you have to perform, and has exceptional traction even when wet. This makes SeaDek a smart, safe choice for boats that are used often.


SeaDek’s shock absorption foam also cuts down on boater fatigue. If you’re spending more than a few hours at the helm, you know your legs get tired! SeaDek is kind to your legs and helps circulation and reduces muscular stress. This is great for boaters of all ages. If you’re trying to catch the next big prized fish, a SeaDek pad cuts down on the noise in your boat and against your deck, which can prove invaluable for fishermen!

SeaDek can be customized to almost any size and shape. SeaDek can also be customized with a logo, bevel, or design, which can make your boat look even better! Also available in many colors and thicknesses, SeaDek can be fully customized for your exact needs and budget.

Finally, SeaDek has several other products to make your boating experience easier. SeaDek has innovative sheet material that can be used to hold tools, reels, and even used as step pads to keep items from slipping off your boat or damaging your deck. SeaDek also has swim platform pads, compatible with many types of brands. All of these are fully customizable for a truly amazing looking deck and hull.

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