SeaDek and ThorAir

Here’s a set of jet hanger mats we made for ThorAir, a sister company to ThorWorks Industries. These SeaDek mats are 23mm thick with an etched design and swap out logos.


“ThorAir owner Duke Thorson and Pilot Rick Eyles are very particular about ThorAir’s jet and facilities. When not in use, the 10-person plane is parked in a hanger, which of course has a waterproof, concrete floor, but the SeaDek mats were purchased to provide extra protection as a vapor barrier for the aircraft’s tires. An additional mat is placed at the base of the jet’s stairs for boarding. It serves as an attractive ‘welcome’ mat for anyone entering the plane.”

Debbie Hufford
National Communications Manager
Marketing Services
ThorWorks Industries

Thor2ThorAir-SeadekMats1ThorAir-SeadekMats3Thor3ThorAir-SeadekMats4 ThorAir1ThorAir-SeadekMats7ThorAir-SeadekMats5

*The ThorAir and SeaDek logos are swap out prototypes and not yet available for order.