SeaDek Around Your Pool?

While not yet available for retail purchase, we’ve been testing our SeaDek material for pool applications for several years now. Trying different materials, patterns and adhesives with the ultimate goal of creating a product specifically for this type of application. Here’s the latest incarnation my boys and I installed this weekend. We chose storm gray over aqua camo with an embossed nonskid pattern. We have a couple of dogs and lots of palm trees and thought the storm gray would hide paw prints and palm berries without getting too hot in the summer time.

While installation is very simple and can be done by one person, I put the boys to work pulling back the paper lining while I pressed the pad into place. After all the pads were down I had them walk along the edges making sure contact was evenly achieved across the entire surface and edge bevels.

No more scratched and scrapped knees and now the nieces have a comfortable place to sunbathe. We drew up a design for some cool turtles and had them routed into the area beside the steps. I think they turned out pretty well.

Installation is a breeze. Simply score the paper backing and peel it up a little. Place the pad in the exact position you want it. Tape one side down securely so the pad can’t move out of position. Peel up one side of paper backing and press pad into place careful to keep air from being trapped underneath. Remove tape and repeat process on the other side. Take the time to press the pad firmly into place taking the time to press all edges down  with the palm of your hand and/or heel of foot.