SeaDek Boat Build – Day 2

Things are moving quickly now that our Super Air Nautique 230 is into production. Lead time from layout to completion is approximately one week! Pretty amazing considering what goes into one of these boats. In our previous post ( we saw the gelcoat and chop layer applied inside the hull and cap molds.  Next the stringers were installed and laminated in place and more layers of fiberglass were applied.

Today the cap and hull are being pulled from the molds and the boats really starts to come to life. It was quite a sight to watch that gunmetal flake and black hull rise up out of the mold like some kind of spaceship. Here chains are being connected from the lifting cranes to the boat hull still resting in the mold.

Once thoroughly secured the hull is carefully lifted from the mold and after a short flight across the room is gently placed onto the rolling trolley that will carry it into the next phase of production.

This photo show the stringers laminated into place. The stringers are large foam-core pieces  that provide buoyancy and structural reinforcement.

Already looks like a beautiful boat!
 Here is the “cap” which we saw being laminated in the previous post. Once the engine, ballast and other internal parts are installed into the hull the two parts will be joined.

In our next post we’ll being seeing the engine installed into the hull and not long after we’ll get a look at the Nautique Surf System!

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