SeaDek Boat Build – Day 3

Teamwork. Teamwork is what gets a boat like this built, start to finish, in under a week. It’s been amazing seeing how all of the different departments and crews work together with such efficiency. Spending time at the Nautique factory documenting the build of our new Super Air Nautique 230 has been great experience and getting to know the people who put in the hard work has been a true pleasure.

The engine, fuel tank, ballast tanks, Nautique Surf System and electronics have all been installed. The cap and hull were then joined and bonded and then the 230 moved on to have its tower, windshield and hardware set into place. The upholstery station was up next where Lou and his team swarmed all over the boat and in just about and hour bolsters, seats and cushions were all in place and ready to move on.

Cap and hull being carefully fitted together and secured:Rebecca Wolfe was my tour guide and coordinator for much of this project. She couldn’t have been more helpful and really took the time to make sure I understood what was happening and how the boat moved through the production process. I can’t thank her enough for her time and effort.The upholstery crew finishing up on the 230 and making it look like the exceptional watercraft that it is.These guys and gals are the face of modern American manufacturing. Hard work, attention to detail and a great attitude were apparent everywhere I went. Ocean LED came through with some under water lighting for the transom. 

Next up is water testing! Can’t wait to see what this boat can do.

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