SeaDek Employee of the Year

SeaDek is a constantly expanding and rapidly growing family owned company. Without the hard work and dedication from our employees, the success we have experienced wouldn’t be possible. We try to show our appreciation each and every day to the hard working individuals that make our workplace a positively functioning team environment, so this year we started the first annual Employee of the Year award. We let the 129 SeaDek employees vote on who they believed should receive this years award and the results were incredible. Leading with an astounding 30% of the votes, our first annual Employee of the Year award goes to Kyle Bushman – Production Manager.

Kyle was recognized for his willingness to do whatever is required to get the job done and done well, and regularly completes what we would categorize as impossible tasks. He gets tasks dumped on him last minute almost daily, but he delivers, time after time and somehow always manages to keep a positive attitude. Kyle was described as professional, friendly, hardworking, accommodating, and approachable, amongst many other kind characteristics. Kyle told us that in his 5 years of employment at SeaDek, the work culture and atmosphere drive his incredible commitment to the company. The uniqueness and friendly environment are some of his favorite aspects of being a part of the SeaDek family. Without Kyle, the company wouldn’t be as unique as it is.

We had planned on only giving out one award, but with a staggering 10% of the total votes, we decided to change it up and create a second award because why not? As a company who prides ourselves for constantly innovating, we didn’t want to let the opportunity for recognition pass us by, so without hesitation The Runner Up award was born. The Runner Up award goes to Johnny Law – Laser Specialist.

Johnny has worked at SeaDek for over 10 years, starting as a CAD designer. Fairly recently, Johnny was asked to start doing some laser work for the company, in which he absolutely excelled. Johnny has taken the laser work of the company to a new level entirely. Johnny was quick to tell us that he enjoys his career at SeaDek because of the caring people he works with, how rewarding his job is and how he really enjoys the family environment of SeaDek.  Johnny’s nominations mentioned his willingness to put in the extra effort to go above and beyond. Others highlighted his creativity and innovation. Johnny’s passion and willingness to push SeaDek one step ahead of all others is comparable to none.

Congrats to both Kyle and Johnny and thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and innovation. It is not an easy feat to work under the extreme pressure of a changing and growing company and maintain the quality of work and positive attitudes you both portray.

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