SeaDek Featured on Jim Boats 6.5

When we say that SeaDek® is great for boats of all sizes, we really mean it! Jim Boats manufactures electric mini boats for kids and adults with eco-friendly construction techniques. The mini boats can fit in the back of a pickup truck for easy transportation to the water, and have zero emissions thanks to 100% electric power. The Jim Boats 6.5 features SeaDek seat cushions and backrests, as well as a faux teak floor pad to keep the mini mariners safe and comfortable!

electric-mini-boat-kids-jim-boats-seadeck- (1) electric-mini-boat-kids-jim-boats-seadeck- (2) electric-mini-boat-kids-jim-boats-seadeck- (3)

Custom SeaDek is just a few clicks away; visit our interactive map to find a SeaDek Certified Fabricator or Installer near you!