SeaDek for a Native Watercraft Slayer Propel

Here are a couple of photos of a stock SeaDek kayak kit installed on a Native Watercraft Slayer Propel. This is a storm gray non-skid traction kit made from our closed-cell EVA foam material. While it provides a great non-skid surface for standing and fishing it also deadens the sound of gear and tackle banging against the hard plastic surface and scaring off the fish near by. If also looks pretty cool.

Stock pads are available in storm gray and army camo on our online store but you can get a custom kit made in any one or two of our available colors by calling 321-632-4466 or emailing  Here is the direct link to our store:
SeaDek_Native_Slayer_Propel_001 Seadek_Native_Slayer_Propel_002 Native Watercraft: