SeaDek for Vertical Surfaces

While SeaDek flooring is practically a standard feature on many boats these days, there are other practical but less common applications for SeaDek onboard, including vertical surfaces. There are many types of vertical surface applications, and each one has some specific benefits beyond looking great and offering protection for boat surfaces and yourself. Here are a few:

Undergunnels – Undergunnel pads are the most common use of SeaDek on vertical surfaces for a couple of reasons. In addition to offering cushion for your toes, they protect both your rods and reels, and the gelcoat in boats with undergunnel rod storage. These panels are also excellent places to put fish rulers, logos, and custom graphics.

Walls – Boats with high sides and shiny gelcoat often utilize vertical SeaDek pads to cut glare and soften the light in the cockpit. By using light-colored pads, they can reduce the ambient temperature aboard and eliminate troublesome reflections. This is a very popular application on the large center consoles that are becoming more and more prevalent.

Doors and Hatches – Swinging doors and hatches benefit from SeaDek because it adds a protective layer to those prone to swinging open and closed, especially in elevated seas. Anyone who has ever had their knee cap slammed by a swinging console door can appreciate the usefulness of this application.

Whatever type of boat you have, there is a place for SeaDek! Click here to find a SeaDek Certified Fabricator or Installer near you, or here to shop our full line of retail products!