SeaDek For Your Sailboat

Last month I went out and captured templates for a couple of popular sailboats, a 1992 Sunfish  and a 2008 Laser. Well the first prototype SeaDek kits just came off the CNC machines and they look pretty darn good. For the record these are not yet for sale. The girls in customer service will never let me hear the end of it if I don’t make that clear. I need to make sure that these pads are going to fit properly, find out if there is a great deal of variation from year to year, determine if customers will want the entire kit or just certain parts, calculate sheet yield and pricing and a number of other things before they are ready for retail sale. When they are I will post an announcement and they will be easy to find, customize and buy from our online store:

I know that I have spoken to quite a few people out there already who have been interested in these kits and I will follow up with you all as soon as I have a few more prototypes.

I think these are going to be very popular. Aside from providing an exceptional nonskid surface for your sailboat they will make things a lot more comfortable as well. Another great benefit it that it will provide a quick, easy and very attractive face lift to a new or old boat. All pads will come with our PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backing for easy installation. Eventually you’ll be able to choose from our full line of colors and combinations and just like on our swim platform pads you’ll be able to add text, logos or graphics for an additional charge. Over the months to come I will work hard to add new makes and models. Your input and feedback will be welcomed. Feel free to drop me an email with ideas for additions and modifications.

Thanks, Jason Gardner