SeaDek HD for Commercial Applications

When developing the formula for SeaDek many moons ago, our goal was to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and durability. After years of testing and refinement, what we ended up with was a product that is soft and supple underfoot, while having the resiliency to stand up to the demanding conditions of the marine environment.

Feet on Genuine SeaDek

Today, that blend has proven to be the perfect fit for millions of boaters across the globe, with our material utilized by the world’s leading boatbuilders, as well as the custom aftermarket.

But while the goal of most boaters is to get comfortable and relax on the water, a fleet of government, law enforcement, and commercial vessels ply our waters day and night with a different mission, exerting relentless wear and abuse on their boats and equipment.

For boats that are subjected to extreme use on a daily basis, we have introduced SeaDek HD, a new material option designed to offer maximum abrasion resistance and durability. Perfect for charter operations, workboats, and commercial applications, SeaDek HD answers the call for a heavy-duty, wear-resistant product that still maintains SeaDek’s legendary non-skid characteristics and comfort underfoot.

SeaDek HD

This custom SAFE Boat is a great example of where SeaDek HD shines. Designed, cut, and installed by Contemporary Marine Flooring in Washington state, this Black over Storm Gray SeaDek HD kit provides traction and comfort in all the important places, with the toughness to provide many years of service in critical conditions.

SeaDek HD on a SAFE Boat
SeaDek HD on a SAFE Boat

SeaDek HD is currently available from any of our SeaDek Certified Fabricators and Installers. Click here to find a SeaDek professional near you!

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