SeaDek Kayak Kit Review

Here’s a great article reviewing SeaDek Kayak Kits. This article was written by Spencer Jones for Kayak Angler – The Kayak Fishing Magazine.

"I was pleasantly surprised at how soft but strong the pads were."


Outfit your kayak with padding to stand longer and fish harder.

Kayaks are quickly becoming more stable and companies are focusing on anglers being able to stand and fish.  But there is just one issue…my feet get tired!  There is a solution, SeaDek Marine Non-Skid Pads, a 5mm thick self-adhesive pad that easily attaches to the deck of your kayak.  With many color choices and ability to customize it is the perfect addition to your kayak so you can stay comfortable when standing and reeling in the big one.  Oh, did I mention that they are sound dampening!  It’s another way to stay in stealth mode when you are targeting your dream catch.

After putting in the order, my gray pre-cut SeaDek pads arrived within a day or two. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft but strong the pads were. I prepped my kayak by scrubbing and cleaning the places where it would attach.  When they were in place I peeled the film off about half way and carefully placed them on the yak.

SeaDek body 1

Gently putting pressure on the section already attached I finished taking off the film and attached the rest of the pad.  A quick press around the entire pad to make sure any air bubbles were out and BAM! I am ready to stand in comfort.  They also provided a few pads that attach where your rods and paddles might touch and make some noise.

After installing the SeaDek and many hours on the water the pads are amazing!  Even looking beyond the fact that my feet are rejoicing from the comfort, it is easy to clean.  Paddling through rivers, ponds, lakes, and getting sand, silt, pond scum, and who knows what, all you need to do spray it down with the hose to clean it.  If you have a tough spot just take a soft brush and scrub lightly, rinse, and it comes right out.

SeaDek body 2

From quick delivery, easy installation, awesome look, and of course the unbeatable comfort SeaDek is a great addition to make your kayak in the ultimate stand-up fishing machine! For more information about SeaDek, check out their website,

*Article on Kayak Angler: