SeaDek Pads: An Awesome Option for Gunner Kennels

SeaDek was been working with Gunner Kennels ( to produce padding for their dog kennels. Here’s a product blog post from their website written by Addison Edmonds:

Man’s Best Friend deserves Man’s Best Kennel and Man’s Best Kennel deserves the best kennel pad out there. Here are some of the reasons we decided to offer a tailored fit SeaDek pad for our dog crates.


If you are active in any kind of water sport, you have most likely heard of a SeaDek. Originally designed as a boat deck solution, SeaDeks have been used in a wide variety of applications including boats, kayaks, and coolers after proving their effectiveness in marine conditions.

“SeaDek is manufactured in the United States from imported nonabsorbent, closed cell EVA/PE blended material specifically formulated for marine applications. With a 3M™ acrylic based high-bond pressure sensitive adhesive, SeaDek’s robust, peel-and-stick application makes it easy to install and requires no mounting of hardware.”

Because SeaDek pads are so versatile, our company decided to apply them as a dog crate pad and let our dogs reap the benefits for once. Man’s Best Friend deserves Man’s Best Kennel and Man’s Best Kennel deserves the best kennel pad out there. Here are some of the reasons we decided to offer a tailored fit SeaDek pad in our dog crates.

Non-slip Traction
As hunters, travelers, and outdoorsmen, we need products that can stand up to the elements and perform under a variety of conditions. So why does a dog need traction inside a kennel?

When headed home from a day on the lake or an early morning hunt, our dogs are usually soaked to the bone. If a crate surface is wet, a dog can slip and slide around while inside. We wanted give you the ability to load up your pup in his favorite kennel and not worry about a thing. The SeaDek performs even when wet, keeping your dog in place while traveling and providing more grip for exiting.


Shock Absorption
When on the backroads, your car hits a fair share of bumps. To combat this, we designed the Gunner Kennel to be the safest option for transporting your dog. The Gunner Kennel includes a wide base, rubberized feet, and secure tie down pins. Adding a SeaDek pad to your crate will create a layer of foam to absorb any leftover shock, so your best friend rides smooth over rough terrain.

A dog kennel should be a welcoming home for your dog. If your dog hates his crate, he will be a very difficult travel companion. The SeaDek pad adds another level of comfort to our kennels. Say goodbye to crate nerves, as this pad will help calm them and make the G1 kennel that much more appealing.


Temperature Control
The double walled rotomolded plastic creates a solid barrier to insulate the inside from outside temperatures. You never want a dog to be too hot or too cold when riding in the bed of a truck. The SeaDek pad creates a second barrier to hot exteriors. We recently performed a heat test with our crates, and the Gunner Kennel with a SeaDek pad was nearly 20 degrees cooler than the next best performing kennel – Watch a video of the test on Facebook.

Easy Cleaning and Stain Resistant
Our dog kennels are designed for easy cleaning, with a raised center and rear drainage plug. Simply spray down the inside and funnel everything towards the back. The SeaDek dog kennel pad is stain resistant and easy-to-clean with non-acidic soap, water and a brush. With all these features, the SeaDek pad was a no brainer accessory for Man’s Best Kennel.


With all these features, the SeaDek pad was a no brainer accessory for Man’s Best Kennel. To learn more about SeaDek visit

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Thanks for the great post Addison! SeaDek Gunner Kennel pads are 5mm thick and finished with an embossed texture, routed edges and custom Gunner Kennals logo. *Gunner Kennal logos are laser treatment prototypes and currently only available for special order applications.

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