SeaDek & Ship Shape TV

We’ve been working with John Greviskis and Ship Shape TV ( for many years now. I’ve just returned from beautiful Tupper Lake in the Adarondack Mountains of upstate New York and thought I’d share a few photos from the trip and filming on the lake.

In this episode John and his team are refitting a pontoon boat. For our part we contributed seating for his new dockbox and center console as well as a Ship Shape TV branded backrest. All pads were made from beach sand over white SeaDek EVA material.

00_SHIPSHAPE_001 00_SHIPSHAPE_002 00_SHIPSHAPE_003 00_SHIPSHAPE_004 00_SHIPSHAPE_005Dockbox and console from C & M Marine ( 00_SHIPSHAPE_007Michael Erickson from Canvas Design Inc. ( 00_SHIPSHAPE_009 00_SHIPSHAPE_010 00_SHIPSHAPE_011