SeaDek Super Air Nautique 230 – Day 1

Yesterday production began on SeaDek’s Super Air Nautique 230 at the Nautique factory in Orlando. We have been granted access to the factory during the building process to document various phases of production and give our customers a peek behind the curtain of one of the world’s leading boat builders. Please check back throughout the week for updates as things really start to move quickly once the process begins. In addition to images from the Nautique factory some of our other partners will be providing photos and information about their contributions to the SeaDek boat. BoatMate Trailers will be providing a matching custom trailer. Roswell Wake-Air will be providing the deluxe audio package and Ocean LED will be adding the finishing touches with some in-water LED lighting. Liquid Force will be supplying wakesurfboards, wakeboards, ropes, vests and much more. And, of course, SeaDek will be designing a one-of-a-kind non-skid kit. Look for the new boat to be on display at this year’s 54th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament presented by Nautique. Correct Craft World headquarters in Orlando, Florida We designed our boat on Nautiques easy to use online boat builder. These photos shows the boat hull in the mold after gel-coating and chop application.  The gelcoat is the actual finished color of the hull, like a candy coating. The “chop” is a mixture of fiberglass and resin mixed and sprayed on over the gelcoat. It provides strength and durability. This will be the outer shell of the boat. Here you can see the “cap”. This is the underside of the cockpit and will eventually be placed on top of the hull once it has been fully laminated and reenforced part have been applied so the hardware and fittings can be installed.
 Jason Crites, Nautique’s gelcoat lead, was my tour guide and really knew his business. He was able to explain the processes in depth and helped me better understand what I was seeing. Thanks Jason! Here you can see the chop being sprayed onto the gel-coated cap. This is a difficult job that requires a great deal of concentration and attention to detail to achieve an even coating.  Thanks to everyone who has helped put this project together. The next phase will be pulling the hull out of the mold. Check back here on the SeaDek Blog for updates. You can also follow along on our FaceBook Page, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. About SeaDek: SeaDek is unique in that it is made from comfortable and durable closed-cell EVA materials that will not absorb water. Put one foot on the pad and you’ll know it’s SeaDek. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns and applied with our marine grade hi-bond pressure sensitive adhesive it’s an easy addition to any boat. Take it a step further and add custom graphics or a manufacturer’s logo.

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