SeaDek Welcomes New Australian SeaDek Certified Fabricators

As SeaDek’s network of Certified Fabricators and Installers continues to grow, there are more options than ever for boaters from around the world to get a custom SeaDek kit designed and installed.

On the other side of the globe, we recently added two new SeaDek Certified Fabricators in Australia, one of the boating hotspots of the South Pacific:

Aggravated Cutting
32 Chris Dr Lilydale
Melbourne, VIC Australia 3140

Machine It
1308 Lytton Rd Hemmant
Brisbane, QLD Australia 4174

Check out some of the recent work by Aggravated Cutting:

Aggravated1 Aggravated2 Aggravated3 Aggravated4

And here are some recent projects from Machine It:

01-17 Machine it - cruise craft-383 01-17 Machine it - cruise craft-384 01-17 Machine it - cruise craft-385 01-17 Machine it - cruise craft-386

Be on the look out for many more awesome SeaDek projects from down under!

If you are in Australia, contact your nearest SeaDek Certified Fabricator or Installer for all of your SeaDek needs!