Sealegs Gets SeaDeked

When we say that there is a place on every boat for SeaDek, we really mean it! Sealegs boats are amphibious crafts that have been specifically designed and developed to be driven on land from a storage location, down a boat ramp or beach, and into the water—all with the occupants inside. The boats feature heavy-duty wheels that deploy when the boat is ready to drive up on land, and fold away when in the water.

Kelley from Underfoot Marine Products recently completed this custom SeaDek kit on a Sealegs amphibious craft and it came out looking great in Mocha over Camel. Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, Underfoot is a SeaDek Certified Installer that specializes in custom SeaDek patterning, design, and installation. Nice work Kelley!

For all your custom SeaDek needs in North Carolina, contact Underfoot Marine Products at:

Underfoot Marine Products
172 Williamson Rd Unit 5110
Mooresville, NC USA 28117