Seven-Year-Old SeaDek in Australia

We just received an update from John at Enlightened Boating, who specializes in lightweight car rooftop tenders and sport fishing boats made in Caboolture, Australia. John is a great supporter of SeaDek, and he fits it standard on some models, and as an option on all the rest.

SeaDek_Enlightened Boats -3

John is often asked how long SeaDek is expected to last, and he sent us these photos of a boat that was traded back in after seven years with the SeaDek looking great. The pads on the boat are Storm Gray, and he said the embossed pattern was still perfect, with no lifting edges anywhere. It looks like there’s lots of life left in that SeaDek!

SeaDek_Enlightened Boats -4

SeaDek_Enlightened Boats -2

SeaDek sheet material is a great way to get all the benefits of SeaDek at a significant savings to custom work. Available in 5MM thickness with an embossed texture, sheet material is available in all standard SeaDek colors. SeaDek sheet material is easily cut with a sharp razor knife, and features the same 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive as all SeaDek products. All Sheet material is available for immediate purchase; visit the SeaDek Webstore to shop now!

Looking for SeaDek in Australia? Based in Mount Druitt, Australia, Southern Cross Textiles is a SeaDek distributer that can help with all your SeaDek needs.

Southern Cross can be reached at:

 Southern Cross Textiles Pty Ltd
28 Sunblest Crescent
Mount Druitt,
NSW 2770
Tel: +61 2 9832 0848
Fax: +61 2 9832 0843