Spearfishing with Spearing Magazine

Spearing Magazine’s Jeromy Gamble went on a 21 day spearfishing trip in Little Torch Key last month with Dale White and JP Castro.


Jeromy shared his experience with us below:

“21= 4

21 days of wind….

As we arrived in Little Torch Key for our annual spearfishing extravaganza everyone had high hopes for flat seas and clear water. Unfortunately as the days ticked by and the forecast continued to show 4-6 ft seas and 25mph winds the majority of our frustration was taken out on our livers.


You see, after spending multiple years in the Keys you can only visit Duval so many times before your calling someone to bail you out. We are spearfishermen, the entire purpose of each annual trip is to take advantage of 100ft of visibility, large black groupers, Mutton Snapper and other tasty fish species.

After what seemed like an eternity a window of hope showed up on the long range forecast. It looked like we would get a tiny window of good weather and the prep began. Two cases of chum, oats, sand and corn were dumped into the 90 quart Yeti. The plan was to have enough sand balls on hand to insure a target rich environment. Was it over kill? Sure but after countless days stuck at the dock it was time to hedge our bets.

The morning of “good weather “ arrives and its clear they missed the mark by a few mph on the wind forecast. Screw it, we’re going. Our 22ft BayKat fully SeaDecked out would cushion the square edge waves enough to keep the bruising of internal organs to a minimum.

As we cleared the channel it was clear the days of wind had pushed the bluewater nearly to the shore. Hawks channel, normally a green shark infested pot of gold was open for business. Its not often Hawks is clear but when it is you’re a moron if you don’t take advantage of it.

The next four days were a chum filled bloody mess but as always the SeaDek cleaned up as if new.”

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