Spearing Baykat

Here are some great shots of the team over at Spearing Magazine (www.spearingmagazine.com) fishing on their SeaDeked Baykat 2150.

Spearing1 The Baykat is fully decked out in Brown over Black Faux Teak SeaDek with custom graphics, a 50″ fish ruler and a 23mm anti-fatigue helm station pad.

SONY DSC Spearing3 SONY DSC SONY DSCCheck out Spearing Magazine at www.spearingmagazine.com and be sure to like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SPEARINGMAGAZINE.


For more photos of the Spearing Baykat including, visit: blog.seadek.com/seadek-on-the-spearing-baykat. To order a custom kit for your boat, please contact customer service at: customerservice@seadek.com or 321-632-4466. To order a kit for a Baykat 2150, reference drawing number: 17296.