Sunfish Sailboat Anti-skid Pads

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at the SeaDek factory to develop non-skid options for one design sailboats like the Sunfish, Sailfish, Laser and J-class sailboats. My primary concern has been fit from one year to the next and if “one design” really means exactly one design or just sort of one design. Can one non-skid templated pattern really work on all of the boats out there?

Well I pulled a template from a 1997 Sunfish, made a SeaDek kit from the template and sent it to the owner of a 1975 Sunfish. Just got an email from the owner today and, it fit!! Hope fully this is a good sign the we really can make and sell a kit for all Sunfish.

We still have a bit of finishing work to do on these so I haven’t added them to the store just yet. Aside from offering the entire kit it might be that customers will also want the option of buying sections a la catre as well. We’d love to get feedback and suggestions from you so please call (321.632.4466) or email (

The part number for this kit is Z101542