Wakeboarder’s Legacy Lives on in Updated Super Air Nautique

Live Like Will

The marine industry is a tight-knit group. We recently collaborated with a Florida father who wanted to do something for a friend who had tragically lost his son, something he himself had also experienced. SeaDek sat down with Jon Hodgskin to talk about how fixing up the boat of the late Will Green, a young but accomplished wakeboarder, has helped him heal.

Live like will seadek installed by hyperfit. Nautique

When Jon lost his own son Jimmy Hodgeskin, an accomplished baseball player for the University of Tampa, he noticed that being out on the water was one of the few things that made him happy again. He wanted to help the family of Will Green share in that joy so he took it upon himself to take Will’s old boat, a Super Air Nautique 230, and fix it up to help his legacy live on.

SouthEast Marine worked on the mechanics to help the boat run like new, and Jon hired a detailer to help the boat shine like new. SeaDek generously donated a custom boat kit to help spread the message to #livelikewill.

Jon Hodgeskin seadek nautigue

Will Green started wakeboarding at 13 and went on to win 1st place at the National Collegiate Wakeboarding Championship while he was on the University of Florida Wakeboarding team. He spent five summers volunteering Cohutta Springs Youth Camp sharing his faith and love of wakeboarding with children.

The fixed-up boat was given to Will’s younger brother Matt Green who has asked that we not let Will’s life be forgotten, but to go out and try to Live Like Will because he lived such an extraordinary life.

SeaDek swim platform that says wake for will. Hyperfit install.

Since Jimmy’s passing, John has been inspired to live as his son Jimmy did and focus on living out the “dash” as he called it, the time we are here on earth to help impact other’s lives through small acts of kindness. Jimmy and Will always had time for others. Jon hopes the legacy these two young men left behind continues to live on.