Who’s ready for some bass fishing?

We know we are.

Check out these videos sent to us from Oliver Ngy with Big Bass Dreams (www.oliverngy.com) below and check out a few of his photos.

Sneak peak video of Oliver Ngy’s 2016 Big Bass Dreams Ranger:


If this next video doesn’t get you excited for some bass fishing, we aren’t sure what will:

Great job, guys!

Here are some photos to get you even more excited to get out on the water and do some bass fishing this weekend. Oliver’s boat is equipped with 6mm storm gray over black SeaDek (reference number 22361). Fisherman love SeaDek because of it’s noise reducing qualities. It’s easy to install and will never mold or mildew because SeaDek is a closed cell EVA foam.

Oliver_Ngy_Small-1 Oliver_Ngy_Small-2 Oliver_Ngy_Small-3 Oliver_Ngy_Small-4 Oliver_Ngy_Small-5 Oliver_Ngy_Small-6 Oliver_Ngy_Small-7 Oliver_Ngy_Small-8 Oliver_Ngy_Small-9 Oliver_Ngy_Small-10 Oliver_Ngy_Small-11 Oliver_Ngy_Small-12 Oliver_Ngy_Small-13 Oliver_Ngy_Small-14 Oliver_Ngy_Small-15 Oliver_Ngy_Small-16 Oliver_Ngy_Small-17 Oliver_Ngy_Small-18 Oliver_Ngy_Small-19

Those are some beautiful catches! Great job, everyone.

To learn more about Oliver Ngy, visit his website at www.oliverngy.com
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