SeaDek: New YETI Cooler Pads

Having a YETI Cooler is key to having a good time, no matter your lifestyle. But what about staying comfortable during your adventures? That’s where our YETI Cooler Pads come in! These pads fit perfectly on any size YETI Cooler and create that extra seat, standing platform, or step. They’re easy to clean, making them ideal for any outdoor excursion.

YETI Cooler Pads

YETI Cooler Pads come in many different sizes and colors. You will find the perfect addition to your cooler in a style and color that fits you best. We have you covered, whether you have a Tundra, Roadie, or GoBox.

As a seat, most coolers’ tops are not the most comfortable thing to sit on so adhering SeaDek to the top is a game-changer. We can make custom cooler pads in different thicknesses to provide extra cushion also.

Don’t go boating or fishing without one! Get yourself a YETI Cooler Pad today. Click below to buy yours today!